Enjoy fairtrade and organic Earth’s Choice artisan chocolates made in micro-batches to maintain the highest quality standards and with Belgium chocolate produced from Criollo and Trinitario cacao bean varieties of the Dominican Republic.

Combining traditional, time-honoured techniques and modern recipes with the world's finest ingredients, each delicious bite will awaken your senses, leave you satisfied and feeling great about making a good choice.

  • Certified Fairtrade & Organic

  • Produced locally in BC by a Métis chocolatier

  • Made in Certified Gluten Free facility

  • Carton; FSC-certified post-consumer paper

  • Flow Wrap; Compostable (Jan 2016)

  • No additives, No preservatives, No emulsifiers

  • Soy Free- Cacao Butter is used as the melt in your mouth emulsifier

  • Dark chocolate 72% Cacoa; Milk chocolate 40% Cacoa