Arturo is a visionary coffee farmer with a simple but revolutionary dream: if the coffee farmers did all of the value-added work, profiting in every step, it would transform his community in every way. Leading Sol Colibri, a Fairtrade group of eleven small-scale organic coffee farming families in Dota, in the high-mountain Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, Arturo empowered his group 10 years ago with their own processing and roasting facilities. But a crucial step was missing: a direct link to you. Meanwhile, EcoFair Trading, a small fair trade business in BC, had a similar vision. Farmers’ Dream was born. 

Farmer Finished™

Arturo’s farmers do it all: grow it organically at 5k to 8k ft. elevation (in the ideal microclimate for arabica beans), hand pick, honey process sun dry, micro-roast, package, and export. No mill. No broker. All of the work, all of the benefit.

Farmers as Partners

The farmers, roaster, and previously unemployed women who package, are all guaranteed long-term high prices or wages. Then, 25% of profit from the sales in Canada (before wages) is shared ~ farmers as partners.

Farmers’ Dream restores the economic and social power back to those that grow our food. The result is a world-class coffee that redefines the coffee supply chain and brings real, positive, meaningful social and economic change. 

Flown in Fresh, Responsibly

Farmers’ Dream is flown in fresh, hours after roasting. Coffee beans lose 20-25% of their volume when roasted, so less is shipped. EcoFair offsets emissions by planting trees with WeForest in Ethiopia

Honey Method Tarrazú

These beans are 100% sundried with some of the coffee cherry’s pulp still attached, imparting incredible sweetness, flavour and character. More labour intensive (so adds jobs), and much more eco compared to traditional wet milling, the honey method uses little water (saving 12 litres of water for this bag alone), and by using the sun, has no emissions compared to mechanical drying. 



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