Zebra Crossing Sisal Basket / Handbag



This sturdy yet fashionable handbag goes with everything and is ready for action. Each piece is laboriously crafted from hand-twisted sisal in the traditional wakamba method of open weaving. The colouration is achieved wih natural dyes, using mango leaf, tree bark or plant roots. Over the shoulder leather handles are 28" long. Tuck in the handles and it makes a great planter basket! Wet and shape to desired look. Made in Kenya by MCU. 


Begun in 1987 to market handicraft products for its members locally and internationally, MCU now works with over 20 women self help groups and 6 handicraft co-operative societies within the marginalised areas, bringing together over 6000 individual members. Education to producer members and provision of social amenities are coordinated by MCU. MCU has embarked on an environmental conservation program to rehabilitate the forests. A tree nursery project was initiated to check on this balance. WFTO member.

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