Himalayan Tea in Satin Brocade Shoulder Bag

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Himalayan Tea in Satin Brocade Shoulder Bag, Nepal

Tea back in stock October 2020!

Satin bag sold separately in Fashion section here. Tea sold separately here.

We're overstocked on Black Tea w/ Ginger so it's on sale - $10!

A best seller. Relax with a cup of this delicious, smooth, low tannin (but high nutrient) tea. And talk about reusable packaging — when you are done, wear the beautiful shoulder bag (2 pocket, zipper close, tassles with beads).Single-estate, certified organic and certified fair trade by WFTO (Fair Trade Group Nepal). 50 teabags in a satin brocade shoulder bag. 

Tea grown in Nepal by KTE, pouch by New SADLE. Bag colours chosen randomly but we will try to accommodate specific requests. Bag: 15cm w x 18 cm h.

KTE is a Fair Trade organic tea cooperative located high in the Nepali mountains bordering Darjeeling. Perfect growing conditions combined with organic cultivation (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers) produce a flavourful tea rich in health benefits. Choose from 5 flavours: Green Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea with Lemongrass, Green Tea with Ginger or Black Tea with Chai Spices.

For the perfect cuppa: use 80˚C clean water (boiling water kills the most important nutrients). Green tea: steep for 3 - 5 minutes max. Want a stronger brew? Add more tea, but steep the same. Black tea can be steeped for much longer.

  New SADLE, Nepal

New SADLE (New Skill and Development Learning Experience) provides free medical treatment, food, housing, and education to ex-leprosy and ex-polio affected social outcasts in Kathmandu. Their employment and reintegration program promotes self respect and dignity. WFTO member (Fair Trade Group Nepal). 

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