50 teabags from KTE tea garden, eastern Nepal

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Himalayan Tea

A best seller. Relax with a cup of this delicious, smooth, low tannin (but high nutrient) tea. Single-estate, certified organic and certified fair trade by WFTO (Fair Trade Group Nepal). 50 teabags, tea grown in eastern Nepal by KTE,  15cm w x 15 cm h.

KTE is a Fair Trade organic tea cooperative located high in the Nepali mountains bordering Darjeeling. Perfect growing conditions combined with organic cultivation (no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers) produce a flavourful tea rich in health benefits. Choose from 5 flavours: Green Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea with Lemongrass, Green Tea with Ginger or Black Tea with Chai Spices.

For the perfect cuppa: use 80˚C clean water (boiling water kills the most important nutrients). Green tea: steep for 3 - 5 minutes max. Want a stronger brew? Add more tea, but steep the same. Black tea can be steeped for much longer.

What our customers are saying....

"This is my absolute favourite tea of all time! It’s delicious and has excellent flavour but with no bitter after-taste like other teas I’ve tried.

I first received this tea as a gift. It was so good, I had to buy more, so looked up the EcoFair Trading site and ordered several bags, some of which I gave to friends. They all raved about it, too, and wanted more. The comment I keep hearing is, “This is the best tea I’ve ever tasted.”

I drink it as tea and I also use it to make kombucha. People who’ve tried my kombucha always remark about the flavour, so I tell them about using the EcoFair Trading Himalayan tea as the base. I’m sure it’s the tea that’s the “magic ingredient” because I’m not doing anything special with the brew (frankly, wouldn’t even know how).

This tea makes a wonderful gift, and the satin bag makes it extra special. In fact, because of the embroidered bag, you hardly even need to wrap it!

For both health and environmental reasons, I try to buy organic food as much as possible. The fact that this tea tastes so good tells me that it is very clean and free of pesticides and chemicals. Those Nepali tea farmers obviously know what they’re doing!"

Karen Alison remedywise.com

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