Global Groove, Thailand & Nepal


  Global Groove, Thailand

Global Groove works with Hill Tribe artisans in Thailand, creating unique sustainable products.

In Thailand, the term ‘hill tribe’ refers to the ethnic minority groups living in the mountains. Each hill tribe has its own language, customs, way of dressing and beliefs. Most are of semi-nomadic origin and have immigrated to Thailand from Tibet, Myanmar (Burma), China and Laos over the past 200 years, frequently as a result of discrimination and internal strife. The lack of citizenship in Thailand is the biggest problem that these groups must contend with. Human rights violations and discrimination on many levels are factors that directly lead the tribes to live in poverty. In Thailand, some of the recognized hill tribes include Akha, H’tin, Karen, Khamu, Lahu, Lisu, Lua, Med and Yao. 

Accredited 100% Fair Trade Organization by the Fair Trade Federation.

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