Trashy Zip


Trashy Zip

Trash to treasure! Made from 100% post-consumer, upcycled plastic water sachets, which once held drinking water in Ghana. In Ghana, water is sold in these plastic sachets and 270 tonnes of plastic waste is generated every day, the vast majority sachets for water and ice cream, and with no recycling program, much ends up littered on the streets. Each bag is carefully washed and disinfected before being sewn in a small workshop in Madina, Ghana.

Each is unique. Durable zip top. Handmade in Ghana by Global Mamas.

      Global Mamas, GHANA

Global Mamas provides women in Ghana, West Africa the opportunity to improve their standard of living with dignity by promoting their traditional crafts. Proceeds go directly to the women participating in the Global Mamas Cooperative (all are paid over 10 times the minimum wage) and to support other non-profit programs. WFTO and FTF member.

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